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Mòd Phàislig 2023

Friday 13th – Saturday 21st October 2023

Mòd Phàislig 2023 official tune

Could you help provide the soundtrack to Mòd Phàislig 2023?

We’re calling on local musicians and tune-writers to enter our competition and compose an official tune to accompany the festival.

The winning tune-writer will receive a cash prize of £200 and their composition will feature in a large-scale concert at the Mòd. 

The competition is being run in partnership with Fèis Phàislig and Paisley First.

How to enter

Email a manuscript of your composition to the Mòd Phàislig team at Don’t put your name on the manuscript – the judging will be anonymous.

Include some audio of the tune being played – a voice note or similar – although this is not essential. Please also include a cover letter with your full contact details, as well as any other information you feel is necessary.

Submit your entry no later than Friday 30 June 2023.

Good luck!